More than 25 years of experience in equipments for retipping diamond core bits and other machines for the repair of diamond tools. More than 1000 units sold since the start with happy customers all over the world. Proven High quality – the first sold machines are still in use. Full service and support – auxiliaries, spare parts and wearing parts always on stock.

The development of retipping equipment started in the early 90´s as a division in the Jack Midhage Company.
The idea was born by Jack Midhage himself that the drilling contractor should be in control of his own bits and therefore must have an equipment that can do the job easier. The first model, the Columbi, was sold from 1992 and eventually became a big success.

The business had in 1997 grown so much that it was decided to found a special company for the retipping equipment sales, the Midhage Diatip AB. The company has during the years become a well known name all over the diamond tool world and the range of different auxiliaries for the repair of diamond tools has increased, including magnets for the soldering and equipment for the repair of saw blades.

Until his death in 2005 the company was lead by Jack Midhage. In spite of his age Jack Midhage took great parts as well in the development of new products as in the sales and the marketing. Today the late Mr Midhage´s son and daughter are directors and involved in running the business on a daily basis in co-operation with Jack Midhage AB and the different manufacturers.

There is a lot to gain on doing your own retipping –
Diatip will do the job much easier for you

Cuts fast and silently

The Diatip retipping equipment works cleaner and more comfortable.No noise, dirt or sparking – and cuts off faster than a grinding disc.

Accurate segment division

With the Diatip equipment you will have full control of the number and the position of the segments you wish to have implanted on the bit.

Makes it easier to braze

The Diatip equipment make seats for the segments at the same time as it cuts off the worn part. This creates support on three sides which facilitates the brazing.

Eliminates segments loss

The seats will decrease interruptions because of lost segments. It’s easier to drill through hard materials, use more powerful machines or drill faster.